Top 3 Best John Cusack Movies List

Top 3 Best John Cusack Movies List

John Cusack could have gone the way of other 1980s romantic comedy movie stars and disappeared as time went on. Instead, he has remained strong through four decades of roles in films about love stories, time-travel, mystery and serial killers.

Open to debate and discussion, here are the top three John Cusack movies across his entire portfolio of stellar films and roles:

3. Serendipity (2001)

From Director Peter Chelsom, this quirky romantic comedy paired Cusack with British beauty Kate Beckinsale. What makes this film stand out among the many love stories in the Cusack collection is the plot that breaks free from common conventions.

Jonathan Trager (Cusack) and Sara Thomas (Beckinsale) do not follow the traditional path of a budding romance interrupted by turbulence and culminating in a predictable happy ending. Instead, Thomas, who has an obsessive belief in fate, decides to test whether their initial encounter truly meant the pair should end up together.

Viewers find themselves rooting with frustration as Trager tries to seek out Thomas after their “love at first sight” encounter. Her pending nuptials provide some serious drama to this story.

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2. Say Anything… (1989)

Though many fans would suggest that the 1985 film The Sure Thing was Cusack’s breakthrough in the world of romantic films, Say Anything is the movie that really tugged at the hearts of his female fans.

Directed by Cameron Crowe, this movie tells the tale of Lloyd Dobler, an odd teen who struggles to find the girl of his dreams. Diane Court (Ione Skye) is a high school valedictorian and appears to have all of the qualities Lloyd desires in a woman. Their summer fling is compromised by her pending departure to college and her dad’s (John Mahoney) legal problems and strong disapproval.

Featuring the famous “standing outside the window with the boom box over his head” scene, Say Anything is a genuine original John Cusack romance movie.

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1. High Fidelity (2000)

Directed by Stephen Frears, this dramatic comedy centers on music store owner Rob Gordon (Cusack). Engrossed in a breakup story, the movie plays out as Rob shares his top five breakups with girlfriends. The irony is that Cusack’s character obsessively develops lists for every part of his life, and this film appears at the top of the best John Cusack movies list.

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Let the debate begin. Do you have a favorite John Cusack movie? Post a comment and share your personal top 3!

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