Top 3 Best Bradley Cooper Movies List

Top 3 Best Bradley Cooper Movies List

Bradley Cooper is a talented actor with a charming demeanor. Few actors have achieved the tremendous success in both comedy and drama genres as Cooper has. The following is a look at three of the best Bradley Cooper Movies, based on his most compelling characters, strongest film plots and top acting performances, along with some additional films to consider if you enjoy his work.

3. The Hangover (2009)

Directed by Todd Phillips, The Hangover is on the short list of great comedy ensemble films of the 21st century. Cooper joined Justin Bartha, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong and Heather Graham in this wildest of bachelor party adventures. Mike Tyson even plays a small role in this story, which details the outlandish escapades of this goofball crew of bachelors.

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2. Limitless (2011)

Eddie Morra (Cooper) is an unmotivated writer who has just lost his girlfriend and is struggling with a drug addiction in this Neil Burger film. Morra’s luck seemed worse when he stumbles about his dead dealer, but his last score was a radical new pill that enabled Morra to use 100 percent of his brain capacity. He quickly leveraged his newfound ambition and hunger for knowledge to convert risky investments into a windfall. Of course, possession of such a powerful drug puts Morra at risk, and he must continue to feed his new addiction while fleeing danger.

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1. Silver Linings Playbook (2012)

Cooper followed up his outstanding dramatic performance in Limitless with another great character portrayal alongside Jennifer Lawrence in this David O. Russell comedy-drama. Pat (Cooper) and Tiffany (Lawrence) are seemingly a perfect match. Pat has returned home from a stint in a mental hospital and is still obsessed with his estranged wife. Tiffany is struggling with depression and the loss of her husband. Despite obvious obstacles to their budding relationship, Pat and Tiffany manage to gradually find romance thanks to their bonding over dance and football.

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Other best Bradley Cooper movies deserving of consideration include (in descending chronological order): Burnt (2015), Joy (2015), American Sniper (2014), American Hustle (2013), He’s Just Not That Into You (2009)

Let the debate begin. Do you know of other top Bradley Cooper movies? Post a comment and share your personal favorites!

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