Top 3 Best Amber Heard Movies List

Top 3 Best Amber Heard Movies List

A nasty divorce process with Johnny Depp kept Amber Heard under wraps for much of 2016; however, the beautiful and talented actress is ready to return to action with several upcoming films planned for 2017 and 2018. She is already cast as Mera, the queen of the sea, in Justice League (2017) and Aquaman (2018).

Before getting caught up in Heard’s upcoming roles, let’s consider her previous film accomplishments. Based on the her most compelling characters, strongest film plots and top acting performances, the following is a list of best Amber Heard movies, along with some additional titles for you to consider. Feel free to add a comment below if you want to speak on behalf of another title!

3. The Joneses (2009)

Heard plays rebellious and promiscuous teenager Jenn Jones in this under appreciated drama from Derrick Borte, in which four actors come together to portray the perfect family in an upscale suburban community. Demi Moore and David Duchovny co-star in a story about stealth marketing, and the risks that come when you live a lie to earn a buck. This film is an excellent watch for anyone with a background in marketing, but it also offers a compelling tragic drama.

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2. The Danish Girl (2015)

From Director Tom Hooper, The Danish Girl is Heard’s greatest artistic drama success. Loosely inspired by real people, the film tells the story of Danish artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener, and the complications in their relationship when Lili becomes a transgender person in the 1920s. Heard plays a bohemian dancer and Gerda’s best friend, Ulla, in a role she later described as liberating to play.

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1. Never Back Down (2015)

Never Back Down is another undervalued film, which serves as a virtual contemporary adaptation of The Karate Kid (1984). Jake Tyler (Sean Faris) is in the “Daniel Larusso” role as the tough new kid in an upscale high school, and Heard is the “Elisabeth Shue” persona, Baja Miller. Just as Ali Mills (Shue in The Karate Kid – 1984) is initially tied to the school bully, Baja Miller is dating the hotshot martial arts star, Ryan McCarthy (Cam Gigandet).

In spite of the obvious parallels to The Karate Kid story, Never Back Down is well-written and executed, with stellar acting performances across the board. Despite some previous work, this film was the breakout for the beautiful Heard. It also helped launch the careers of Faris and Gigandet, though the latter has achieved much greater heights in follow-up roles (Twilight 2008, Easy A 2010, The Magnificent Seven 2016). Djimon Hounsou was brilliant as well in the “Mr. Miyagi” role of Jean Roqua.

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Other best Amber Heard movies deserving of consideration include (in descending chronological order): Zombieland (2009)

Let the debate begin. Do you know of other top Amber Heard movies? Post a comment and share your personal favorites!

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  • Leslie says:

    People should definitely check out:


    One More Time

    Drive Angry.

    Amber has a really great filmography. I love her independent films, but Drive Angry was a lot of fun.

    • Hi Leslie,

      Thanks very much for sharing and adding these additional Amber Heard movies for consideration. Actually, just watched One More Time. She performed well, and I love Christopher Walken. Drive Angry decent as well.


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